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...I have tried different brands of UV gel polish throughout the past few years, but as I have always been a nail biter so have never been able to do my own nails because as soon as Iíd get a small chip or temptation to bite my nails, the whole UV Gel polish would peel off. With Gelease, I am now 2 weeks in on my current colour and have a free edge for the first time in my life. Already I can see how strong my nails are getting and how quick they are growing too. The temptation to bite my nails did overcome me one day, however the UV Gel polish didnít peel off, so I was able to file my nail down, not affecting the polish at all. My nails have now continued to grow again! I really cannot say enough how much I love gelease. I will never use another brand. ... I used to have my toes done using Gelish. As much as I loved their colour range, I just found that they would always peel off. Especially on my toes Ė which is so frustrating especially when off on holiday without a therapist to sort this. But Gelease is my saviour and stays on perfectly! Iíve had my toes on 4 weeks now and still, there is no sign of shifting. And with such a wide range of colours, I am completely converted to Gelease. ... I have recently done a course in UV Gel Polish and started using Gelease. Itís great for beginners like myself as it really is so forgiving. When practising, I kept finding myself getting too close to the edge of the nail and some would get on the skin. But Gelease easily wipes off with a small bit of acetone and doesnít affect the finish or how long it lasts at all. ...

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